4 Peaks 4 Jesus
Who we are:
A group of Christian men, women, and youth, who enjoy riding ATV trails, in and around, Apache Junction, Arizona.
Come ride with us!
We encourage those who would like to experience this great sport, to spend an afternoon of riding with us in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.
Where we go riding:
❏ Four Peaks
❏ Bull Dog Canyon
❏ Peralta
❏ Montana Mountain
❏ Box Canyon
❏ Coke Ovens
❏ Sycamore Creek- Quartz Mountain
❏ Oak Flats Campground and Copper Mine
Ride Times:
Our riding group is ready for adventure on the trails every Tuesday morning. We also trail ride occasionally on a Saturday. A trail ride usually last for about 6 hours.
Where we meet:
We meet at a public parking lot which is closest to our trail destination.
Meeting times:
Most meeting times are at approximately 8:30 a.m. and we return in mid-afternoon. No night riding.
What can you expect when you go on a trail ride:
Our aim is to provide a safe, enjoyable Sonoran Desert experience for everybody. We stay on designated trails, drive responsibly, and provide a great leadership team to ensure this is an injury-free day.
Please contact Rick Peterson at 218.686.6093. if you’d like to join!